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Moving from city living to God’s country… and never turning back!

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Just a little funny I came across. As I was going through my photos to add to the blog, I realized how many photos of birds I now have on my phone 😁

The Gray Marlin 2023 Calendar

As a thank you gift to y’all for your loyal following over the past few years, we would like to send you a calendar! I have put together a 12 month 8×11 calendar showcasing our property, us, and all of our animals! If you would like a calendar, please send your mailing address to graymarlintx@gmail.com…

Autumn skies and apple pies!

Autumn in Colorado was always my favorite time of year. The changing colors of the trees, and driving up the Poudre Canyon to see the hundreds of shades of green, orange, yellow, and brown was always a fun day. Fall in South Texas is also beautiful but in a different way.

Help feed our animals!

If you’d like to contribute to our ranch, please consider donating to our feed fund! One bag of chicken feed is $13.99 (Producer’s Pride Layer Crumbles) One bag of chicken treat mix is $14.99 (Producer’s Pride imPECKables Poultry Treat) One bag of sheep feed is $14.99 (Producer’s Pride All-Stock Sweet Feed) One bag of sheep dewormer feed is $22.49 (DuMOR Sheep & Goat DX) One bag of dog food is $59.99 (Victor Classic MultiPro) Frostee and Ranger also love all kinds of chew treats and biscuits! You can donate in increments of $5 below


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