Which came first?

The age-old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”… in our case it was the chicken. And five of them at once!

We’ve now been in our new home for one month. In that time, we have become very close to the neighbors down the street. Omar, Cecilia, and Diego. The Garza family. They have become like family to us. Making us feel welcome from the very first time we met.

Diego is 15, and has been helping Josh get the ranch up to speed. He is a hard worker, and a nice young man. Omar has helped us with advice on animals, fencing, where to buy what, and how much is a fair price for things. Cecilia and I bonded right away over our love of gardening and flowers.

Omar mentioned that the Richter’s (the family who lived here before us) had given them a few chickens, and they purchased some more but did not have room for them. He asked if we would like them and we said yes! Although I had planned on waiting a while before diving into farm animal ownership, it seemed God had other plans- as He usually does 🙂

Before we knew it, we had five chickens, all hens. Diego said that two of them lay eggs every day! I began impatiently waiting for our first egg. Based on the research I had done, it takes very little stress for a chicken to stop laying eggs. Knowing first hand how a move to a new home is quite stressful- I figured it would take a while to see an egg.

Laverne and Shirley
(L-R) Thelma, Maude, Louise

The girls made themselves right at home! I have so much fun watching them fight over a piece of food, or argue over who is going to stand where! They always want whatever the other bird has- even if it’s the same thing they have! They are so funny to watch.

It had been about a week and still no eggs. I kept telling myself, it will happen, just be patient. Just when I had about given up hope, I went out for the night feeding and lo and behold— an egg! Josh and Diego were out working in the field and I yelled “WE GOT AN EGG!” Josh threw up his arms in excitement for me. He knew I had been anxiously waiting.

I know the date is wrong… there was a lot going on, give me a break 🙂

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