Our Inspiration

Some of you may be wondering… where did these two get the wild idea to live on a ranch in South Texas? Well, that’s simple. The internet.

Josh started it. When the pandemic hit, and all that was on TV was about the election and how many people were dying from COVID, he turned to YouTube for entertainment. One channel recommends another channel, who recommends another channel, and then YouTube recommends a channel because you’ve been watching these channels… it’s a conspiracy that lead to us living out our dream on the Third Coast (that’s what they call the gulf down here)!

We watch a little bit of everything homestead/ranching/farming related, but we do have our favorites. These total strangers have become part of an extended family to us. We call them by their first names. We reference them as though we talk on the phone: “How are the Stiver’s coming with their Air B&B?” “Meredith and Lawrence finally got their sorgham harvested for the season.” “Did you see the smoke house Colby built for their pork?” Some of these families are all about self sustainability and living 100% off the land. We are not that family 😊 … but we do love to see how they run their farms and enjoy learning about the lifestyle they have chosen for their families!

Most (if not all) of these channels rely on YouTube for a good majority of their income. If you decide to check out some of the channels we recommend, and you enjoy it a little bit, they would love it if you would subscribe to their channel. And, if you haven’t already, subscribe to our channel also! We don’t (and don’t plan to) make any money off YouTube but we do upload videos from time to time!

Happy watching y’all!

YouTube Channels we follow:
Stivers Homestead
This Farm Wife (Maureen’s Favorite!)
The Mac’s
Sandi Brock
Deep South Homestead
Laura Farms
Acres of Clay Homestead
Better Together Life
Morehead Homestead
Gray Mountain Farm
MT Homestead
VW Family Farm
Hollis Farms
Homesteading Family
Sheep and Goats at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Livestock Guardian Dog – Texas A&M AgriLife
Homesteading at Kooker Gehoft
Farmhouse Vernacular

Maureen’s Foodie channels she follows:
RecipeTin Eats
King Arthur Baking Company
Damn Delicious

Not YouTube, but a blog I found and follow:
Texas Homesteader
They are located in North Texas, and she always has great tips on cooking, gardening, and living simply.


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