It’s been a long, hot summer… but we made it!

Hey Y’all! We made it through the hot summer! Those days of 115 heat index are no joke folks. We survived by drinking thousands of gallons of water, and our misters. Fun fact, when you are on well water, those little mister holes love to get clogged up with minerals. We should have bought stock in CLR.

It is now the end of September, and I wanted to update everyone on the latest happenings.

Our major summer projects have come to a close. The latest thing we built was a “quarantine coop” for sick or injured chickens. The one we had been using was a former dog kennel. Considering things rust out here when they are outside for 45 seconds, let’s just say the door was hanging on by zip ties… it was time for an upgrade! The former kennel was housing “Queen Elizabeth” (before the actual Queen passed!) who suffered from “curled toe paralysis“. Basically, this is a Riboflavin deficiency. It is not contagious, so we could have kept her with the other hens, but they were picking on her and bullying her. To the quarantine coop she went. Josh decided that since she was going to be in that coop for some time, she deserved more room to roam. He set to building.

He decided that it should be in two parts, to make it easier to move. It was very heavy! Once it was all built, it was time for paint.

We let the paint dry, and very slowly, with our breaths held, moved it to the yard on the tractor.

Not actual speed πŸ˜‚

Ranger had his first experience with the dangle stick… chasing sheep is a no-no! Fortunately, he did not have to wear it as long as Frostee did. He is a very fast learner and a super intelligent dog!

We finally roasted our chiles we ordered from Hatch Chile Store . Hopefully next year, we will have enough in our garden I won’t have to order any! But we now have enough in our freezer for a year (hopefully).

Rockee and Lucee are BFFs
Rockee channeling his inner George Costanza – I mean, it’s pretty spot on, no?

We’ve been entertaining each other out here:

Biscuit says “see EWE later y’all!” πŸ˜„


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