Deep within my heart lies a melody, a song of old San Antone ~Patsy Cline

Josh and I are spontaneous folks. We might wake up one morning and decide to drive 2 1/2 hours to Laredo to check out antique stores and have lunch (which we have). We might decide while on our way to the grocery store to keep heading south and go to Port A instead. So it was no surprise when, one Saturday, Josh said, “Want to go to San Antonio today?”… of course!

We’ve been to San Antonio several times. Our first visit was for our honeymoon in 2016. We had such an amazing time, and that is when we first fell in love with south Texas. San Antonio is about a two-hour drive for us. But it is all highway and goes by very quickly. We’ve done the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and the street tour, but there was one place we had not gone to yet. The Tower of the Americas. This is an attraction similar to the Space Needle in Seattle or Reunion Tower in Dallas. A 360 degree view of the city from 750 feet in the sky.

The view from the top! It was very windy, so we chose not to go out on the catwalk.

On our way back to our car, we stopped and saw Santa, and told him what we were wishing for!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we discovered a slight issue. Under the windows in our bedroom, there were some storage drawers under a bench.

We noticed that the floor in front of the drawers was just slightly damp. We decided to dig in and investigate further…

After a few hours, we determined that the best course of action would be to just remove the bench/drawers. We were able to keep it intact so it can be used in another area of the home or put back into place once we remediate the water issue. For now, Lucee has her own recliner so she can be president of neighborhood watch in comfort.

Our wedding anniversary is December 11. This year it fell on a Sunday, so we celebrated for the whole weekend. Saturday, we went to our favorite place. You guessed it, Port A!

Y’all… it never, ever, disappoints.

Sunday morning, we had no plans for the day. We are spontaneous folks, remember? We’re not the planning type. We tossed around some ideas when suddenly, it came to us. We’ve been trying to get to this putt-putt golf place on the island ever since we moved here. We decided that would be a fun way to celebrate our anniversary! We got there early before it got too hot (yes, “too hot” in December, I’m still not used to it!).

His classic “Stand back, I got this” pose
It was a close game, though I don’t think the PGA will be calling anytime soon 🙂

All in all, a perfect anniversary weekend!


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