Christmas, Christmas time is near!

I. Love. Christmas. In fact, my favorite time of year runs from the day before Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. I love the holiday season. The lights, the food, the cheerfulness. I knew Christmas this year was going to be different in many ways. The pandemic, being away from our family, going through a huge move, but I knew it would still be special none the less.

Aunt Jeanne and Aunt Marian sent us a beautiful Christmas wreath for our front door!

We had left the Christmas decoration totes on the back patio because we knew we would be decorating soon. As we went though the totes, planning what to put where, we decided to have a slightly “toned down” decoration year. We were still placing our regular home decor in its final space so to put ALL of our Christmas stuff out seemed overwhelming. We chose our favorite decorations and left the rest in their totes for next year.

We also decided not to buy a traditional Christmas tree. I heard on the news that there was a Christmas tree shortage, and many of the lots were selling out fast and/or charging a large amount of money for trees. We decided we would love to have a palm tree Christmas tree! That way we left a regular tree for someone who really wants that tradition, and we would ALWAYS have our first Christmas tree! We went to Home Depot and found the perfect tree.

Our first Christmas tree in our new home- perfect for this untraditional Christmas, and a tree that will last for years!


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