Puppy Business

Before we moved to The ranch, we had talked about getting a puppy. Once we knew we would be moving, we decided to wait until we got settled in. After the loss of our old lady Mercedez, we felt we were ready.

We knew we wanted a dog that would help protect our livestock when we eventually got some. So that narrowed down our search. We found someone on Craigslist that was giving away a Great Pyrenees puppy so we jumped on that chance and went to pick her up right away. He was giving her away because she was missing some hair on her tail and her rear paw. They said it was because she got mud on her and when they cleaned it off, her hair came with it. We did not care one bit about that! As soon as we saw her, bare spots and all, it was love at first sight!

We had her in the kennel in the back of the car but Josh decided he wanted to hold her for most of the ride home. She loved feeling the fresh air on her face. Soon she seemed restless, so Josh set her on the floorboard of the car. We were just turning into our neighborhood when all of a sudden… there was projectile poop ALL OVER OUR FLOORBOARD! Turns out our little white fluffball had worms. And worms made her little tummy very sad. Thank goodness for floormats!

See her missing fur on her tail…

After a trip to Tractor Supply Co for dewormer, and some cans of pumpkin, our new baby’s tummy settled down. She got a clean bill of health from the vet- and her guardian job began!

Emory, Frostee, Wally

Frostee quickly became the “baby girl” of our family. It seemed she grew so fast, every single day she changed. She loves to smile, and makes us laugh! She has the amazing ability to entertain herself, and even throws her toys for herself to chase. Our young goat, Freda, and Frostee are best friends. Frostee loves to chase Freda around their pen and although Freda complains about it loudly- she loves it too!


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