The big D– and I do mean Dallas!

Our first trip away from the ranch was fast approaching. We had scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Josh with his doctors in Dallas, and we were anxious to be gone for very long. We knew our home would be in good hands with Omar and Diego watching the property… but we had never been away for more than a few hours.

Our main concern was leaving Rockee home alone. Anyone who knows pugs knows that they are very sensitive. We were worried he would get depressed and get sick. We knew there was only one thing to do. Take him with us to Dallas! He is a true road trip dog. After all, he came with us when we drove down to Texas to look at houses, and he was such a trooper! With that decision made, we felt much better about leaving everyone else behind.

This would be our first visit to see Dr. Beecherl since Josh’s last follow up over a year ago, and we were in anticipation of how he felt Josh was progressing. We thought he was doing great- but we needed to hear it from the expert!

After a clean bill of health from the team of doctors, we headed back to the hotel to relax. Back in the land of food delivery- we discovered our favorite BBQ restaurant would deliver to our hotel! Pecan Lodge, located in the Deep Ellum part of town is hands down the BEST BBQ we have ever had. When we went in person a few years ago, the line stretched down the street. We stuck it out and waited and it was so worth it!

Part of the line– pre-covid 🙂
Look how happy we are- and we haven’t even dug in yet!

The next morning, we drove to San Antonio. We had planned on staying there at our favorite hotel, The Drury Plaza on The Riverwalk. The hotel is in an old bank building, and it is just absolutely stunning. The rooms are incredibly spacious. Everything is so shiny and polished. The staff at this hotel are among the most friendly I’ve ever come across. We really enjoy the Drury brand of hotels.

We had already decided we would make a mini vacation out of this trip. So we went down to The Riverwalk and walked around.

It was dark, and they were doing construction on our end of the river so we didn’t get very far before we decided to just head back to the hotel and order dinner. Delivery of course! When we go to street level, there were a line of horse drawn carriages. We decided that would be our ride back to the hotel!

We got up early the next morning and headed back to the ranch. We were eager to get home and see all our animals. And it’s a good thing we came home a little early- our ranch was about to grow…


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