Here a goat, there a goat, everywhere a goat,goat.

We knew we wanted more animals. We already had two sheep, and five chickens. I mentioned that Omar also raises goats. We worked a deal with him to get two of his goats. Bambi, and her kid that we named Freda.

Bambi had been with the Garza family since she was a kid herself. Diego is especially attached to her. Omar, knowing that we would be keeping these animals for pets and companionship (not to eat!), let us take Bambi so Diego could still come visit with her. And since Freda is her baby, it made sense for them to come as a pair.

The day after we came home from our weekend getaway up north- our goats were ready for their new home!

Freda and Frostee immediately bonded. They are best friends. It’s hard to believe that Frostee used to be smaller than Freda, it’s now the opposite situation! We have been learning as we go on all of these animals, and I was eager to learn everything I could about these new Nubian goats that were now part of our family. First thing I learned- they will eat anything and everything they can. Including your rosebush.

I’m getting bigger! Playing with my favorite piggy toy!

One thing I haven’t mentioned about Omar– he LOVES to grill! He grills every day. And he is an excellent cook. He made himself a grill, and we loved it so much we asked him to make one for us as well.

Chicken and my first attempt at homemade naan bread!
Josh found himself a little seat!

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