There’s a rooster in the henhouse.

One of the things I love about living on our ranch is the sounds of the area. The birds chirping, the hawks cawing, the neighbor’s calves moo-ing, the neighbor’s rooster crowing. At least, I thought it was the neighbors rooster…

Early one morning while it was still dark out, Josh came into our room as I was getting ready and said, “it sounds like there is a rooster in with the hens!” I said, “No, it’s probably just the neighbor’s rooster wandered close it sounds like it’s in there.” Josh said, “I’m going to go look, hand me that flashlight.”

So he went to investigate. He shined his light into the coop and we waited to hear the rooster crow again. Josh said, “it’s the white one! He’s a rooster!” All I could do was laugh.

Laverne becomes Vern

We had noticed that “Laverne” was growing much larger than the other chickens, even those that were already full grown. But we just thought “she” was eating well. Looking back now, it’s quite apparent that “she” is a rooster.

While we didn’t think we wanted a rooster, we don’t want baby chicks, it was just another reminder that life happens according to God’s plan, not ours. And we are so happy to have Vern in our flock. He is the most handsome rooster I’ve ever seen. And he guards his ladies with everything he has. Like a true gentleman.


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