Fun fact…snakes don’t like cedar

Josh hates snakes. I’m not a fan either. So, one might ask… “Josh and Maureen, why in the heck did you move to snake country?” Well, when it comes down to snakes or bumper to bumper traffic– I’ll take a snake all day long!

We love the back patio to our new home. It’s one of the things that drew us to this place. A huge, almost wrap around, patio. It had a short wall around the perimeter, about 2 feet high. The wall was starting to sag and break apart in spots- with some gaps large enough for snakes and other creepy crawlies to make a little home. We did not want to give these little guys a place to live, so Josh said, “eviction day”– and we removed the fence.

Josh had been doing a lot of research on the best way to deter snakes and other rodents from our property. The last thing we wanted was to walk out and find a big ol’ rattler shakin’ his rattle at us or even worse, at Rockee. The one thing that Josh read over and over was that cedar wood not only deters snakes, but many other rodents and insects as well. We decided to use cedar to replace the fence. We made the new fence just a little bit taller than the old one, but not so tall it blocked the view. We still wanted to be able to look out and view the property and watch the sunsets we had become so accustomed to. Over the next few days, and several trips to Home Depot, (and an overloaded Palisade), we built our new fence.

It was a lot of hard work, but so worth it!



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