So, what brings you to south Texas? The warm weather.

We started hearing talk of a “cold front” coming our way. Now, in Colorado, a cold front is something to pay attention to. But in our experience in Texas so far, a cold front meant the temperature was dropping from 80 to 60. No biggie. People starting stocking up on groceries, there were lines for fuel, the weatherman was getting more excited in his forecast by the day. We decided we might want to wrap the well pipes, unhook the hoses, bring in some firewood, just in case…

We had a vet appointment scheduled for Frostee for Friday, the 12th. The vet called to cancel because of “the weather”. Schools started cancelling classes. There was no snow in the forecast, only cold. We couldn’t believe the city was shutting down over cold weather! As the storm started getting closer, they added ice to the forecast. Okay… cold, ice, we can handle that! Cozy up by the fireplace, cook some chili and soup, bake bread. We got this. We’re from Colorado y’all! Until… it came.

Friday was cold. Saturday was colder. Sunday was even colder. By Monday, the city was shut down. There was ice everywhere. We let Rockee outside to go to the bathroom and he slipped and slid all over the driveway. Josh stepped out to go pick him up and Josh slipped and slid all over the driveway. I stayed in the foyer.

Shortly after that, our power went out. We waited a while for it to come back on, and when it did not, we decided to head out to pick up some groceries. Seems we should have taken this storm a little more seriously! We are used to driving in inclement weather, so we just drove slow and took our time. There were a few other people on the roads. They all were driving about 10 MPH with their hazards on. What is that about??

Rockee’s best Russian grandma impression

We arrived at the grocery store to a deserted parking lot. Their website said they were opening at 9:00AM. It was 10:30! We called the store and thankfully someone answered. The store manager said he was the only one there, his staff couldn’t make it in. So he pushed back the opening to 12:00. Well, we certainly weren’t going to drive all the way home to turn around and come back. So we decided to turn up our tunes, turn up the heat, and relax for an hour and a half!

We finally made it back home with our groceries, but still no power. It was time to bring out the portable generator. Josh got us all hooked up with TV, internet, and COFFEE!!!!

Shortly before it was time to cook dinner, our power came back on. So we were able to enjoy the evening with heat, warm food, and lights! The next morning, however, while we were out feeding the animals, we heard the neighbor’s generator start up and my heart sunk. We hooked the portable generator back up and ran it for the day. Same thing as before, shortly before dinner, the power came back on. This happened the day after as well. By this time, the worst of the storm had passed and we started making phone calls to companies offering whole-home generators. After talking to the neighbors, this is a regular occurrence around here- especially in hurricane season. With Josh’s health, we cannot afford to go without AC in Texas summer heat. Because yes… even when it’s 20 degrees outside, everyone here says “Wait until August.”


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