Every farmer/rancher needs a tractor.

There are things on a ranch that just take too long to do by hand. Can you dig a hole for a fence post by hand? Sure you can. Can you trim trees with a chainsaw and pruner? Of course! But when you have five acres, and about 100 mesquite trees, these things become overwhelming quickly.

We decided to purchase a tractor. Josh had been researching the different brands, the different options and accessories. We decided on a Kubota. They had the model Josh wanted in stock and they would deliver.

We went to Ewald Kubota in Corpus Christi and looked at the models they had so we could be sure it was the right size, had the right capabilities and that they in fact had it in stock. We left the dealership proud Kubota owners!

There was a little bit of hassle with the delivery and some missing things once the tractor was actually delivered, but once we worked out all the kinks with the dealership, Josh was a happy rancher!

*Please note the big winter coat he’s wearing… more to come on that in my next post 😬


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