A New Man for Wallee

As soon as we had the fence finished all around the perimeter of the property, we moved Wallee, Emory and Bambi to the back of the property. Freda was still pretty small, so she stayed in the upper paddock with Frostee.

We started noticing that Emory was getting increasingly aggressive to Wally and Bambi. Especially around feeding time. It started when they were all still in the paddock, he would ram Frostee for no reason. That was concerning enough, but as we did more research on Dorper sheep, we discovered that the male Dorper is an aggressive breed. We don’t want that here on our ranch. Josh started looking around to see if someone might want to buy him or trade him for another male. We found someone not too far away who had a Black Hawaiian male and wanted to trade him for Emory. Enter…Dodger. The most magnificent, majestic Ram I’ve ever met. šŸ„°

Dodger fit in right away with Wally and Bambi. He and Wally are always side by side and we’re hoping for the pitter patter of little Black Hawaiian/Pelibuey hooves in a few months!


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