It’s a Chihuaua, no it’s a Fox, no it’s a puppy :(

We had heard, and seen on Nextdoor, that there is a common occurrence here. People drive out to these back country roads, and dump their dogs. One night, on our way to Home Depot, we found one…

We were just a few minutes from the house, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was a little chihuahua running around in the grass. I said, “Oh no! There is someone’s little doggie!” Josh told me to turn around, he thought it was a fox. I turned around and blocked the road while Josh chased this animal around. He finally was able to step on a piece of twine it had around it’s neck and caught it.

It was a little puppy. She did look like a fox, a starving fox. She was terrified, and just skin and bones. We took her home, with the plan to take her to the vet, get her back to health, and find her a new home.

Well… I think we all know what’s going to happen next. This little, scared, baby made her way into our hearts in about 12 hours. Before we even got her to the vet, she had a name. Foxee. As we spent more time with her that first day, Josh noticed that she was covered in fleas and had a tick on her ear. So- her first bath came quick!

She was less than thrilled…

The vet reported that she was around 12 weeks old, and in good health other than “she needs some groceries”. So, we gave her lots of love and lots of groceries (in the form of yummy puppy food and yummy treats)! And that’s how Foxee Gray became part of the Gray Marlin Ranch.


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