A visit from the Mothership…

We had been waiting for Mom to come visit until she received her Covid vaccine. As soon as she had her second shot scheduled, we were booking her plane ticket! I could hardly sleep the night before she was scheduled to fly in. We were so excited to show her everything we had done to the property in just a few months. I couldn’t wait to introduce her to all of the animals!

There was so much we wanted to do while she was in town. I had to work the first day she was here, so Josh and Mom spent the day exploring the property and spending time with the animals. The next day, we wanted to take Mom to our most special place… Port Aransas (Port A). Josh and I visited Port A for our honeymoon in 2016. We only spent one day and night there but we wished we had spent longer. We tried to go in 2017 but Hurricane Harvey had other plans for us. We tried to go in 2018 but Baylor hospital in Dallas had other plans for us. We finally had a longer vacation there in 2019 and it just felt like home. We felt like locals right away. We have our favorite restaurants (Virginia’s on the Bay and San Juan), our favorite shops (Connoisseurs and Winton’s Candies) and of course THE BEACH! We ate lunch at Virginia’s on the Bay (Just Virginia’s if you’re a local 😉 ) and then drove down the beach, before hitting up our two favorite stores. On the way home we stopped at the fresh fish mart, Paul’s, for some fresh fish to cook the next few nights while Mom was here. Fresh caught Red Snapper, Red Drum, and Grouper.

Port Aransas is on the Northernmost tip of Padre Island- technically, it’s on Mustang Island

The next day, we decided we wanted to take a dolphin cruise. Josh and I had done one before in Port A and loved it. We found a company with an open reservation for three people and started heading for the coast. It was still early in our day so we started by driving to Rockport, a small town on the north side of the bay of Corpus Christi. They are a coastal town, with a lot of shops and restaurants. We visited a few shops and then it was time for our tour!

This dolphin tour was great. It was just the three of us, and the captain on the boat. We saw several dolpins- and it was mating season so we saw some of that too 😁 After the tour, we were discussing what we thought of during the boat ride.

Maureen: Would I be able to get my heavy cowboy boots off underwater if the boat sank, so I could swim better?

Mom: What would happen to my purse if the boat sank?

Josh: It’s so beautiful and peaceful out here on the water.

Ha ha ha not sure if that’s a family thing, a woman thing, or just that Mom and I are paranoid! On our way home, we stopped at a dairy farm near our house. I had been wanting to go check it out for a few weeks, and it just so happened that this week they were having a festival! There were vendors there, and the dairy sells cheese. That’s what I was really after! 🧀

Sadly, our last day with Mom arrived. She had a late afternoon flight, so we wanted to do one more activity before taking her to the airport. We were going to check out some antique stores, but as we were driving to them, we drove by the Aquarium. We turned around and decided to go to the Aquarium instead! We had a great time. Josh and I had not been to this aquarium yet so it was new to all of us!

We had a great visit, and got to see a lot of neat things. We can’t wait for her to visit again!


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