A new little cookie!

About a month ago, Omar’s sheep had babies. He had two or three females that had two or three lambs each. We knew we wanted one! We worked out a deal with Omar that in exchange for a lamb and another female pelibuey sheep (Wallee’s Mom to be exact!) we would give him our electric dryer. The house came with a dryer, and it runs on gas so we couldn’t use it. Works for us! Kept us from having to sell it on Craigslist, and we got some new animals! WIN/WIN!

Sadee still isn’t too sure about us… she comes to say hello but we can’t pet her and she won’t take treats from our hand yet. She’ll get there.

And then there’s little Oreeo. Our new little cookie. He is such a sweet little boy! Mom suggested the name, and it just was perfect. He was so small when we first got him, he had to be in his own separate cage until he got a little bigger. Frostee loves to protect her animals, but she also loves to play and doesn’t realize how big she is. Josh put a collar on him and put a leash on him and walked him around so he could nibble grass, and so he could be in the paddock with Frostee and she wouldn’t get too rough. It was so cute to see him walking around the yard with a little lamb on a leash ❤

It sure didn’t take long for little Oreeo to get big enough to join the big kids in the paddock with Frostee.

It is so fun to watch him grow up. He has such a little personality. Frostee is his protector. When he is scared, he runs to her. When he wants to play, and Frostee is sleeping, he paws at her head until she gets up and chases him. He loves when we sing to him, it makes him sleepy. We are so blessed with all of our animals!


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