Our UPS guy delivers more than just boxes.

We had pretty much settled in to our animal routine. Everyone was getting along, everyone was healthy. We knew we eventually wanted more livestock… a jersey dairy cow for Maureen, a Texas Longhorn for Josh. But we know that will be some time down the road…

As you can imagine, we get a LOT of packages here. I order nearly everything on Amazon. It’s so much more convenient to have something delivered to our door instead of driving 40 minutes one way to the store to get it (only to find out it’s out of stock or they don’t sell that here). So we are pretty friendly with our UPS driver and mailman. One day, we had a different driver on the route. When I went out to pick up the package and say thank you, he asked if we wanted some free pygmy goats. He said he and his wife have two pygmy goats that they need to find a new home for, and he sees that we have a really nice property here with livestock already. So, naturally, we said yes! We made arrangements for him to bring us the goats, because we do not have a livestock trailer yet.

That Saturday night, we met our new babies!

We asked what their names were. The male (black and white and gray with a beard) is Ephee (short for Ephesians) and the female (black) is Ellee. As they were getting unloaded, the husband and wife told us that the female is pregnant. SURPRISE! We did not know that before… not that it would have changed our decision. She said that they had been given to them as a 2nd anniversary present, three years ago. They were gifted to them because there is a thought that if a woman drinks goat milk, it will be easier for her to conceive. What no one told this couple, was that in order for a goat to produce milk, she needs to have a baby 😉 So for three years these cuties were part of their lives. And, wouldn’t you know it, the same time Ellee got pregnant, so did the wife! Taking care of the goats became too much for her so that’s why they decided to try to find a new home for them.

We are so glad that UPS driver had such faith in us and our ranch to take care of these little goats. They have quickly become a fun part of our unique animal pack, and we can’t wait to see some cute little pygmy goat babies!


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