Where oh where can she be?

I have dreaded typing this entry. For as much happiness as the ranch has brought us, it has also brought it’s fair share of sadness.

If you’ve been following since the beginning, you know that we found a sweet little puppy on the side of the road and brought her home as a rescue (click here to read that story). Foxee quickly found her way to our home and our hearts. She grew quickly and was such a great dog. A few months ago, we let her out to the back pasture to run and she disappeared. 😥 We figured someone would find her and call us or post on Nextdoor. Days turned to weeks turned to months. We alerted our local vet that she was missing so they could call us if someone found her or if someone brought her in. She was so unique looking, we thought for sure she would turn up. Sadly, as I write this post, she still has not returned. We are still hopeful, every time we see those stories about a family dog returning years later for a delightful reunion we look at each other and smile. Hopeful that one day, that will be us. Until that day, we pray that she is safe and happy. We sure do miss her beautiful little face…



  1. Oh boy, so sorry your missing Foxee, I remember seeing her and how cute she was. And what a story about you finding her !! Never give up on her!!!! Cindy and Bob


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