Pugs are like Lay’s chips… can’t have just one

When we lost Mercedez, we knew Rockee wouldn’t be an only pug for long. We just needed the right fit to come along. Over the next few months, we found several pugs for adoption but by the time we reached out, they were already adopted out. We knew God would put the right one in our lives when He felt we were ready. Until then, Rockee was soaking up “only pug syndrome” 😊

Josh found a couple who were adopting out a litter of puppies. We reached out right away and reserved a female. We (im)patiently waited for about a month for her to come home. We chose a name, Penelopee Paisley. The day was finally here when she was ready to come home. We drove about an hour away to meet the couple adopting her out. It was love at first sight.

We were allowing Penelopee to say goodbye to her former family, when they mentioned “We have another male if you know anyone who is interested. The family adopting him did not show up.” Josh and I made eye contact, and said “We’ll take him”.

Enter, Howdee Houston ❀

We just couldn’t bear to think of him all alone. His brothers and sisters all adopted out and he was left behind…

We are so very glad we got a pair. They entertain each other, teach each other, and are so cute when they cuddle up with each other!

Josh built a fenced area for them off our bedroom door. That way they could play outside and not get lost in the big yard.

We brought them home on October 22. As of today, they are just over six months old. They have been such a joyful addition to our family! Howdee definitely prefers me, while Penelopee prefers Josh. We think Howdee was the runt of the litter, as he has always been a bit smaller than Penelopee. She is definitely in charge! If they bark, Penelopee starts it. Howdee always looks to her to see what to do.

Rockee is not too happy with our decision πŸ˜‚ He tolerates Howdee but does not care for Penelopee at all. She is pretty aggressive in her showing of affection towards him. Since Rockee is pretty much blind and mostly deaf, he can’t see them coming at him until it’s too late. They usually mow him down or jump over him. We try to keep them separate for the most part, but would like them to eventually live in harmony. When they are all together, we alternate our time between showering Rockee with attention so he doesn’t feel left out, and yelling “Old Man!” at the puppies so they know to be gentle with Rockee. It’s quite amusing! I will say though, that the puppies have brought out the puppy in Rockee. I haven’t seen him “play” with a toy like this since we rescued him seven years ago.

As the pups get older, and they settle some, I’m sure they will all sleep together and be happy. But until then, I think Rockee is enjoying the extra attention he gets when they’re not around!

Your face when watching your siblings play with your old toys … zoom in on Rockee in the background!

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