Making improvements!

As time passed, we started making a list of things we wanted to change or improve on the property. We had already done a few things, like replacing the fence around the back patio, laying rock along the driveway, and adding some more fence, just to name a few.

The original owners of the property had a walkway built off the back patio that led to a sun deck. The people who lived here before we did removed the walkway, but left the foundation. It was just a weird little walkway bordered by railroad ties and had large steps down. We decided that we wanted to liven that area up a little. I had started a little flower garden down at the end of the walkway, and we used the middle section for our burn barrel. There were three trellis frames from the original walkway and we decided to keep those.


Making changes here has been like a scavenger hunt. When we cleared the back pasture and trimmed the trees, we found a metal gate buried. We have found countless tools and scrap building materials buried in random places around the property. This project was no different…

Know what that is? A solid bag of Quikrete cement. Josh found 16 of them buried under the walkway.

Josh leveled out the ground so it became more of a gradual slope down off of the patio. No more giant leaps down railroad ties that killed our knees. All of the pieces of flagstone in the photo- he also found those buried under the walkway. He placed them as a path through the rocks.

The final step was to refinish the trellis beams. Josh built the corner braces and we painted and stained them to match the rest of the buildings on our property. I am looking forward to Spring, when the Texas wildflowers I planted there will bloom. I hope they invite hummingbirds, butterflies and honey bees to nourish themselves with their nectar, and maybe stop long enough for me to snap a photo or two!


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