Fences should be horse-high, pig tight, and bull-strong

Our next major project was replacing the interior paddock fence. The fence that surrounds Frostee’s jurisdiction 😁 The original owners fenced off part of this area for a garden. From the pictures we saw from the original sale, their garden was beautiful. Raised beds, fruit trees, fresh mulch. The people we bought the house from turned that beautiful garden into a dog run. While we knew we would have a garden, I’m not much of a “ground gardner”. Containers are my friend πŸ˜‰ We decided we would utilize this area to house younger, older, or sick animals. When we had our perimeter fence completed, we didn’t have them do anything with this one. There was a fence, it was up, we knew we’d replace it eventually.

The time had come for replacement. The fence was getting loose. When Frostee would jump up on it to say hello, it would bend under her weight. It also wasn’t built correctly. There were not enough braces around to support the fence from pulling on the corners. Josh began by welding corner braces and “H” braces to support the fence properly.

The next step was buying the right type of fence for our needs. Who knew there were so many different types of metal fencing?? Welded wire, red top, knot field fence, high tensile… I’m glad Josh knew what we needed- I was lost.

Yes, it was so heavy, we had to use the tractor to move it.

Omar gave us a second gate. Anytime we had to bring the animals up from the pasture, we would have to walk with them all around the paddock in the yard to where our gate is. Omar suggested if we had a gate on the back side of the paddock, we wouldn’t have to walk all the way around. So Josh welded the gate to the back “H” brace.

Keep in mind, most of this work is being done by Josh, alone, during the day while I’m working in our home office inside. Imagine my heart rate when I get this text message:

Josh was working on the ground underneath the tractor bucket, and when he stood up he smacked his head on the bucket. It looked worse than it was, thank God. In true “can’t hurt steel” fashion- he kept right on fencin’.

Josh took a week off when my Mom came to visit, but other than that, he worked on that fence five days a week for a whole month. His hard work sure did pay off. It looks amazing! It will keep animals we want in, in. It will keep animals we want to stay out, out. Like this skunk Frostee had a run in with.

She smelled like skunk for days!

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