The Blue Ghost

My Mom tries to visit every couple of months. Her last trip in October was a pretty quick one due to flight cancellations and delays. So we wanted to make the most of this next trip with her. Josh and I started a list of things we wanted to do while she was here.

When Josh and I first came to this part of the state in 2016, we toured the USS Lexington. It is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that has been opened as a museum. We had so much fun we wanted to do it again. It was the perfect “rainy day” activity. The ship was originally commissioned in 1943. It truly makes you wonder what those walls have seen! During WWII, the ship was in active combat in the Pacific Ocean. The ship earned it’s nickname “The Blue Ghost” because the Japanese claimed it had sunk four different times. It even survived an attack by a Kamikaze bomber. The museum staff have done an incredible job of re-creating the ship as it would have been during times of combat. If you are ever in the Corpus Christi area, I highly recommend you tour the ship.

We, of course, took a trip to Port A! We ate at our very favorite Mexican restaurant, San Juan. If you ever come visit and are here for more than a few hours- you can bet we’ll try to take you there! It really is the best we’ve found. Even though they don’t have green chili. These southerners have never even heard of it! I have gotten very good at roasting my own Anaheim peppers to make pork green chili. …I digress…

As we were driving down the beach, we noticed something very strange.

The beach bollards had been yarn bombed! Read more about it here. There were hundreds of them. So many it would have taken hours to photograph them all. It was cold and windy, but we got out and walked around to take photos of our favorites.

Another one of our favorite things to do is to drive down Shorline Boulevard. One side of the road is dotted with large, expensive homes and the other side is the ocean front and seawall. You can park and walk along the seawall, enjoying the sound of the waves crashing below.

Josh discovered that there is a surfing museum downtown. It was so interesting! I have seen people surf, and I’ve watched Gidget 100 times (Thanks, Aunt Marian and Aunt Jeannie!) but I had no idea how many different types of surf boards there are or how big they are!

It was, as always, a wonderful time that went way too fast! We are already looking forward to her next visit 🥰

We’ll get it all to fit… don’t you worry!


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