I thought we moved to get away from the cold?

For the second year in a row, we had the coldest winter this area has seen in years. I’m starting to think we brought the cold with us from Colorado! We were warned we would have a cold front coming through, with wind chill temps below zero. We went into cold-weather proofing mode. Most exterior pipes were already protected, the only thing we really needed to worry about was the water well bubble. Josh had a wonderful idea to build a cage for it. Not only would it protect the bubble from damage (like when I was mowing the lawn and put the mower in neutral instead of reverse and rolled backwards down the hill? Those things don’t have brakes, y’all!) but we could also wrap it with a tarp when cold weather hit.

Just in case you can’t see how freakin’ cold I am in the picture above:

The animals don’t mind the cold so much. The sheep have thick wool to keep them warm. Frostee is a Great Pyrenees, they come from the Pyrenees mountains in Europe so she is bred for cold weather. The chickens don’t mind the cold either. In fact, they are better at regulating their temperature in the cold than in the heat. They will stand on one foot, and tuck the other one up into their feathers to keep it warm, then alternate.

The deer are now visiting pretty regularly. They took a break for a while, probably moved to a different location to mate. Now we get to see the babies grow up!

Howdee and Penelopee are getting bigger and still mischevious!

What do you think, does Howdee look like Emmett Kelly?
Top to bottom: Rachel, Sadee, Pickles, Oreeo

My tortilla skills are growing. Look at this poof, y’all!

We are getting very close to meeting Wallee’s baby (babies??). Historically, once I can see the baby moving in Mama’s belly at feeding time, we are about two weeks out. Praying this one turns out better than the last time 😥 Stay tuned to find out!

Until next time, y’all!

P.S. I live with a comedian, y’all.


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