Home Improvements!

When we first looked at this house, I think I’ve mentioned that I fell in love with the kitchen. I pictured myself standing at that red stove, cooking. I pictured myself standing at the sink washing dishes while not missing out on whatever TV show we were watching, or yelling at each other from the kitchen to the living room like hillbillies. In fact, I was so in love with our kitchen that I cooked dinner on our first night here. I made sure to pack some pans in the boxes we had to make sure I could prepare dinner right away.

Spaghetti for the win y’all!

I wasn’t in love with the countertops. They looked really pretty. They were a light colored, natural stone with tan grout. They weren’t very functional, however. They had small holes and divots that were perfect little breeding grounds for …stuff 😝 yuck.

I knew I wanted to replace them with butcher block countertops for the counters that sat on either side of the stove. For my breadmaking and dinner prep, this just made more sense. I found a seller on Etsy who would create a custom sized counter top for us. Josh surprised me with them as a Valentine’s Day gift!

They took about three weeks to fabricate. As soon as they arrived, we installed them that weekend!


We are slowly putting our touch on all parts of this home-truly making it our custom home. As Josh would say, “little by little”!


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