Celebrate good times…C’mon!

We planned Mom’s next visit so she could be here around my birthday- and Sandfest was back! Port Aransas Sandfest is normally held every April. Since they postponed 2020 Sandfest due to Covid, they held a scaled-down version in October, and that’s what we attended for one of her previous visits. We had such a great time, we couldn’t wait to go back! This trip, I was able to take a few days off from work, so we were able to do some more tourist activities.

We kicked off the birthday festivities with a special birthday dinner. I chose Landry’s in Corpus. We don’t typically choose chain restaurants for nice dinners. This location was right on the water, and since we’re in a coastal city- thought the seafood might be higher quality. Well…not so much. We had a nice time together, service was nice, but probably won’t be going back to that restaurant 😒

All of the animals were very happy to see their Grammy!

There are quite a few Joshua Tree plants in our area. We noticed that they were all in bloom. Josh read that it’s rare for a Joshua Tree to bloom, but when it does, all of the plants in the area bloom at the same time. It’s quite a spectacular sight to see!

We put Mom to work on this visit! We started getting our garden in order, and had some small landscaping projects to work on.

The weather sure is starting to heat up! We needed somewhere to beat the heat. We decided to check out the Corpus Christi Art Museum. We had a great time.

They were running an exhibit of art submitted by students in grades 1-12 in the area. The students answered a question “What is your vision?” through their artwork. We were amazed at the talent we saw.

It was finally time for Sandfest! We learned the hard way that if you go on the first day of the festival, the sculptures are still in their very early stages… not much to see unfortunately. We did get a few pictures though!

A few weeks before Sandfest, we entered a raffle to win a free golf cart. We were CERTAIN we were going to win, and the winner would be announced on Sunday of Sandfest. Mom’s flight left early that morning, so after we took her to the airport, we headed back down to Port A. We got there just as they announced the winner– AND…!!!

We didn’t win. But we did get free refills on our Pecos Pete’s Root Beer and Cream Soda 🙂

We also took the opportunity to take some photos of the finished sculptures.

We had such a great visit, as always! We are already planning events for Mom’s next visit this summer!

A final thought from Rockee: 😝


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