When you get adopted by a dog…

I’m not sure how many of you have heard of the app, Nextdoor. Nextdoor is an app where you can communicate with people who live nearby. Both in your direct neighborhood, and up to a few cities away. Mostly people share things they have for sale, advertise community events, communicate road construction or crime in the area. A lot of people post lost and found animals as well. In fact, when Rockee first came to live with us, he was a wanderer. He ran away so many times we bought a GPS collar for him so we could find him. We even had to bail him out of doggie jail once! Someone saw our post about him on Nextdoor and told us where to find him. It really is a great tool (if you can see past people’s rants about politics, covid, etc πŸ™„).

One morning, I was reviewing some posts and I saw that someone posted they had found a pug in a parking lot in Corpus. I commented that we would be happy to take it in until the owners could be found. I could not bear to think of a pug sitting at the humane society, potentially in line for euthanasia. The poster replied that the pug had a collar with a rabies tag, and they had contacted the vet to contact the owners. A few days later, I reached back out to see if the owners had been found. He said that the owners would not return the vet’s phone calls, but his Mother in Law was going to keep the pug. I was happy to know that he/she would be somewhere safe.

A few days later, I received a message from the poster on Nextdoor saying that it didn’t work out with his Mother in Law, and would I still be interested in taking in the pug? I couldn’t type YES fast enough! We agreed to meet in town in the next few minutes. We had not planned on getting more animals, we already have Rockee, Howdee and Penelopee, plus Frostee and now Ranger! But we just couldn’t say no.

As we pulled into the parking lot at the Co-Op, there stood a man holding a fawn pug and my heart instantly soared! She was beautiful.

Welcome to The Gray Marlin baby girl!

She was female, and seemed pretty young, but other than that we knew nothing about her. She no longer had her collar or rabies tag. All we knew was she was happy, she seemed healthy, and she had a new, FOREVER home πŸ’• We introduced her to Rockee right away, and there were no issues there. We introduced her to the puppies, but with them in the kennel in our room. We didn’t want to have any altercations and didn’t want to overwhelm her. Everything seemed to be going great.

The next morning, we took her to the vet. She got a clean bill of health, other than a small mammary tumor that would need to be removed. The vet thought she was about 3-4 years old, probably closer to 3. She got a round of shots as a precaution, and the vet confirmed that she is spayed. Whew. That’s a relief! We were just a little worried that she had been dumped because she was pregnant. She was a professional in the car!

And, she wasted no time getting comfortable on her new furniture 😊

When we finally introduced her to the puppies face to face, she had no problem in asserting her place that she was the eldest and deserved their respect. They love to play together!

Howdee, Penelopee, Lucee

Lucee is such a sweet girl. I can’t imagine why anyone would not want her in their lives. She is well trained, and makes us smile every single day!

We’re ready for our cheeses Mom! (They get CBD treats everyday, but won’t eat them unless I put them in a cheese ball)
A group of pugs is called a grumble. Dinner time for the grumble!

Now that the weather is heating up, Howdee has found the best way to beat the heat:

We thought he needed a little more space, so we got him his very own pool 😎

We are so thankful that God brought this little beauty into our lives. She is such a sweetheart, and we feel so blessed that she adopted us!


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