Our name sign gets an facelift!

Several years ago, we came across this unique sign in an antique store. We had no idea where it came from, or the history behind it, but we knew we needed to have it! It. Is. HEAVY. Solid iron. They don’t make signs like this anymore!

We have a collection of advertisements and items from Gray Oil and Gray Tools companies. Perhaps this was one of their signs? There is also Gray Oil in Northern Colorado, this could have been theirs at one point, though the logo font doesn’t entirely match. We may never know!

When we first brought it home, Josh painted it a flat gray color just to protect it from the elements. When we moved to Texas, we put it by our mailbox, and there it sat until recently.

Josh is always working very hard to make sure the property looks beautiful. Things that most people wouldn’t even think of doing (blowing dirt clods off the driveway, for example), Josh takes the time to take care of these things and it makes such a difference in the beauty of our property!

He decided the sign needed a facelift. Everything else on our property looks so beautiful, this sign just didn’t really seem to fit. It wasn’t ugly, it just was pretty plain and didn’t stand out. Some of the other signs we have are blue and white, so Josh thought it would look really nice if this one matched.

He started by grinding off the layers, and layers of paint…

Next, he gave the whole sign a nice coat of glossy white paint. Then we painstakingly taped off all of the areas we wanted to stay white.

Josh sprayed a few coats of glossy blue paint…

… and it was finished! Just a few spots to touch up and the sign went back to its proper home.

What a beautiful difference!


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