“Multum in parvo” ~Latin for “a lot of dog in a small space”

Our first few months with the puppies went so quick. It seemed as though they changed from tiny puppies to teenagers overnight! They love to play with anything and everything, typical puppy behavior. Howdee loves to give lots and lots of slobbery kisses, and loves to bite Josh’s ear. Penelopee does not tolerate Josh giving attention to any other animal but her. She loves to burrow under pillows and covers and to have her chest rubbed. The quickest way to get their attention is to pull out the laser pointer AKA “the red dot”.

We love to play with “the red dot”. All Mom and Dad have to say is “find the red dot” and we start looking for it!

They can be just walking around, hanging out, and you say “where’s the red dot?” and immediately, Penelopee’s tail starts wagging furiously and they both start looking at the ground!

The puppies spend most of their time sleeping. They sleep probably 18 hours a day! They have been sleeping through the night since about four weeks after we brought them home. They are fully potty trained, except… Howdee does a little tinkle when he gets super excited. You can imagine how much Simple Green we went through when Mom came to visit 😁 (I wasn’t paid to say that, but would happily accept a freebie for the endorsement, Simple Green!)

Penelopee (l) Howdee (R)

We have a Nest cam set up near their kennel so we can keep an eye on them while we’re away from home. It also helps us catch some of their wild antics… like when Penelopee buried her head under the food bowl insert and rested for a while…

They are already growing so fast, we decided to take a picture every month around the 23rd so we can chronicle their changes. Sometimes we can get it in one take… usually, it takes about 45 tries.

October’s picture, I have Penelopee and Josh has Howdee. All the others, I have Howdee and Josh has Penelopee
The blooper reel 😂

Our Bermuda grass produces these long strings of grass when it goes dormant. They are the puppies’ favorite outside toy. They run around with them in their mouths, fight over them, play tug of war with them and … sleep with them?

Penelopee, meet Rachel. Rachel, meet Penelopee.
It is very important to ensure one knows the location of one’s bone at all times. Even while napping. -Puppy 101

Now, I know not everyone reading this is going to be a dog person. And that’s okay! But I challenge you, if you’re not a dog person, go visit a pug. They are like little humans. They have such huge personalities in their tiny bodies. That’s why they are associated with the saying “Multum in parvo” ~Latin for “a lot of dog in a small space”.


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