Dog (and sheep!) days of summer

Now that summer is in full swing, big projects around the ranch have slowed down. The heat and humidity here have pushed heat indices near 110. It’s not safe for anyone to be working outside in the heat of the day. I figured this is the perfect time to update y’all on some of the animals and the silly things they do!

Lucee is settling in nicely. She has quickly become a permanent member of the Gray Marlin Grumble. I mentioned that when we adopted her, she had a mass on one of her mammary glands. We scheduled her to have that removed at our local vet. The surgery went great, and he was able to remove all of it. He did say that usually if there is one mammary tumor, the other mammary glands will also grow tumors down the road. So, if that happens, we will deal with that then.

Not too much of a happy camper…
She’s having a counseling session with the Bobcat

We’ve noticed that when we move sheep to the back pasture, they always grow bigger very quickly. I bet you wouldn’t even recognize Jemima…

Ranger seems to grow inches every single night. He is getting so big! He loves to play with Frostee. His favorite time of day is breakfast, followed closely by dinner. He’s my kinda pup 😁

When Frostee was young, she would do this same thing! We throw grass, weeds or hay over the fence for the sheep to eat, and the dogs lay on it 🙂

One of the chickens’ favorite ways to beat the heat, is to eat fresh fruit. They love watermelon!

Howdee and Penelopee are pretty near full grown now. They love spending time outside. Howdee really loves playing in the water. We hope to take him to the beach soon so we can see what he does with the ocean 😁

We decided that the entrance to our paddock looked pretty bare. Josh came up with this idea for this sign that I made on the Cricut!

We had a little Mama and baby turkey hanging around our property for a few days…

…and Ranger made his first rescue as a Livestock Guardian Dog… ❤

He just needed Josh’s help getting the baby back to its nest

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