Josh the Shepherd

When we first moved here, we didn’t know what kind of animals we would want on our ranch. We were open to anything! You may remember that we started with sheep thanks to our friend Omar. Those sheep were quickly followed by two goats. After the addition of a few more sheep, and finally some pygmy goats, we decided that goats were not our favorite and they have all since found new homes. We love the sheep. Goats are very destructive and just not very friendly towards humans. The sheep are much more interactive and sweet.

Sheep butts 🥰
Sadee (rear) and Oreeo (front) munchin down on grass before Josh cuts the pasture
It was raining. Even though there are plenty of shelters for the sheep, Dakota, Biscuit and Gherkins chose to stand in this one, in the exact same pose.

After Dakota and Biscuit were born, Josh started spending a lot of time with them. Dakota, Biscuit and Gherkins have been living in the paddock by the house for about six months now. Every morning, and every evening, when we feed the outside animals, Josh spends at least 30 minutes in the paddock with the three of them. They are completely drawn to him.

One day, they started jumping up on him for treats. He decided he was going to train them to do tricks!

These three sheep we have in the paddock are so sweet! Dakota follows Josh around like a little puppy. And Gherkins will stand and stare into his eyes for a long time. His bond with these three is so special. If you remember, Josh helped Dakota into the world ❤ I’m sure that’s where it all began…

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